I Teach People How
To Lose Fat While Still
Actually Having A Life

I work with people who are sick of trying to lose weight
by putting life on hold and doing some miserable diet.

Life is too short to be overweight and unhappy. And …
life is too short to diet! We can solve BOTH problems – I promise.

My approach is simple, doable, and provides lasting, long-term results.

Check out my “10 Small Food Tweaks That Make a Big Difference” below…

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What my clients say...

Small Food Tweaks That Make a Big Difference

Check out this free download to discover 10 simple, but powerful, food changes you can start right now.

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Catalyst Mini-Course

There’s a really good chance you’re “programmed” to NOT lose weight.
Catalyst is designed to reprogram you for success. If you want to drop pounds and get in shape, this could be a gamechanger!
Catalyst Mini-Course

Live Life Lose Fat

Live Life Lose Fat is a simple, doable, step-by-step program that teaches you how to lose fat without putting your life on hold. If you’re sick of trendy diets and want the truth and results, this is for you.
Live Life Lose Fat

Who is this
guy anyway?

What’s up! My name is Corey Little.
I’m a down to Earth, real-life, donut-loving, “lose weight while getting away with as much as you can” weight-loss guru.

When it comes to the world of fitness and nutrition, there isn’t much I haven’t done – from champion bodybuilder with 3% body-fat to all-you-can-eat buffets to training professional athletes to helping a mom of 3 finally drop that 20 or 30lbs she’s been dying to lose.

I am the voice of reason for the busy Joe or Jane who’s ready to drop weight and get fit, but doesn’t want to become some Crossfit maniac or join a “Diet Cult.”

I am the trusted guide, walking you through the often intimidating world of big-eyed drill sergeant trainers and trying to figure out which diet or supplement actually works.
Fun – simple – doable – and long-term – that’s how I roll.