5 More Food Tweaks for a Big Difference

A couple weeks ago, I shared some easy food tweaks that could really help change your body. The response and feedback was fantastic! It seems you guys and gals are interested in making some nice little nutrition adjustments. Awesome sauce! Let’s keep the good times rolling. Here are 5 more food tweaks for a big difference – five simple things you can begin implementing today to make a big difference with your body tomorrow!

1. Just say NO to granola.

so natural … so wholesome … SO FATTENING!

The only time you should eat granola is . . . if you’re starving to death.
Kidding aside, granola was originally designed for outdoor enthusiasts to be a super compact source of calories (sounds perfect, huh?), something they could easily fit into their backpack and snack on during miles 9 and 10 of their all-day hike. Fast forward to 2015 and the typical American is snacking on it during 9 and 10 o’clock during their workday . . . while sitting at their desk. Geez.

For the sake of all that is healthy and holy, if you want to lose weight, do NOT purchase or consume granola. I don’t care how “healthy” it sounds or seems . . . don’t do it. Just say no!

2.  “Naturally Sweetened” sucks.

“Naturally Sweetened” is just another way of saying – We added a bunch of sugar, but please don’t pay attention to it. I’ll abstain from my rant about use of the word “natural.” Bottom line – it doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from or how natural it is – it’s still SUGAR. Don’t fall for it. Opt for products that have No Added Sugar instead.

3.  Don’t talk yourself out of a really good thing.

Sadly, unbelievably, people will sometimes not get veggies because they think their version is “no good.” In other words, I encounter people who say they don’t get/eat vegetables because they know fresh is best and they prefer canned or frozen. I don’t know whether to cry or smack them with an eggplant.

Please . . . please . . . pretty please just eat your veggies regardless of where they come from! Fresh, frozen, or canned, all are great options. Heck, I’d rather eat vegetables out of a dumpster than some of the crap I see on grocery store shelves.

4.  Reach for spices instead of sauces.

Occasionally sauces are okay. Worcestershire, mustard, non-sweet vinaigrette, and vinegar are all fine choices. However, the majority of sauces are bogged down with tons of sugar and/or oil. Your safest bet is to go for fresh herbs or dry spices. Ally and I routinely use and love – curry, paprika, garlic, rosemary, and basil. You’d be amazed how much flavor you can get even when no sauce is used!

Bananas never do this … because they’re not insecure!

5.  Don’t buy insecure foods.

We all know that person. It’s sad really. Everybody’s encountered that guy or girl who is so insecure that they must constantly try to wow you and tell you how awesome they are. Well foods are the exact same.

The more a food (food manufacturer) has to tell you how good it is, the less you should listen. The truly awesome foods, the confident ones are quietly sitting in the produce section, shining like rock stars with their beautiful colors and mind blowing nutrient content. Bottom line – don’t fall for fancy packaging and tons of lofty, empty claims.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve not only enjoyed my 10 food tweaks, but also found them practical and began putting them into play. Sadly, for many of us, life is just too busy. Reading a bunch of food labels and consistently cooking healthy food is a burden or simply not realistic. If you find yourself often grabbing lunch or dinner to-go, I encourage you to give Rise Food a try. All of the meals are Corey Little Approved, chef prepared, super tasty, and surprisingly affordable.

It makes eating the right thing easy – automatic – and delicious!

If you enjoyed this blog, you would probably enjoy reading the rest of the Food Tweaks. Download this Free Ebook on Small Food Tweaks that make a difference. It’s totally free and I guarantee you’ll learn some cool nutrition stuff and increase your motivation!