A Simple Plan For Losing Weight Without All The Stress

 A Simple Plan For Losing Weight Without All The Stress

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I’m going to explain a simple plan, a simple roadmap, if you will, for losing weight without all the stress. But let me be very, very clear from the beginning. This is not a simple plan to achieve the body of your dreams in just three weeks or a simple step-by-step plan to easily drop 20 pounds. That’s not what this is. That’s not what I do. What I’m going to share in this post is really a simplified version of how I help people lose weight. Really, it’s a simple plan for losing weight without all the stress. 

A Simple Plan for Losing Weight Without All The Stress

Simple Doesn’t Always Mean Easy 

Just because it’s simplified doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy. We oftentimes equate simple to mean easy, and easy to mean simple, and that’s just not true at all. When it comes to changing our bodies, changing our long-ingrained habits, and changing the way we think, there isn’t an easy path. There are easier paths, and there are simplified ways of doing it, but it’s just not easy. If there were, there would be no need to have weight loss programs. There would be no need for a diet industry. 

Step 1: Purposefully Slow Down 

Alright, let’s dive in. This is the roadmap to losing weight and lowering stress. This is a simple plan or simplified plan for losing weight without all the stress. And then after I share this, I’ll show you what this leads to because I don’t want you or anyone to have any mistaken ideas.

Number one: purposefully slow down. For so many of us, the typical broken all-or-nothing diet mentality is so ingrained into us that the first thing we have to do is consciously and intentionally stop. We have to slow down and say, I’m not gonna start tracking macros tomorrow, I’m not gonna start changing everything I eat on Monday. I’m not going to start cutting out sugar. I’m purposefully stopping all of that craziness and I’m slowing down so I can start to do the next thing, which is seeing your repeated patterns.

Step 2: Seeing Your Repeat Patterns

Some of you may have never taken the time to pull back from life and your physical goals long enough to realize that you did keto, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, etc. for a little while.

You did the Mediterranean diet and some other weight loss challenges. But when you push back and I look at it from an overall viewpoint, the pattern’s the same every time. It doesn’t matter which diet you do, it doesn’t matter which program you try. Your pattern is the same. Your weight loss story is the same. Step two is beginning to see your repeating patterns, your repeating story. But you can only do that if you do step one first, which is to purposefully slow down and stop with all that old stuff. 

Step 3: Forgiving and Healing

Step three is forgiving and healing. We can’t heal until we forgive. It’s like if we had a broken leg and we wanted to go for a run to fix it. You can’t run on a broken leg, you have to first acknowledge it is broken, then give it the right time to heal. You need to rest it, maybe do some physical therapy, and eventually, you will heal and be able to run again. We have to forgive ourselves and heal in order to be successful in a weight loss journey. 

Step 4: Practice Big Awareness

Step number four: we have to practice big awareness. We need to practice big awareness around our brain and our thoughts. One client of mine shared how they began to really look at the diet industry to see how everything they had heard and read really fed into where they were at. Practice really big awareness and discover some small steps you can do to change your own thought process and beliefs caused by the diet industry. Really observe and see the things around you that are shaping your viewpoint. You can only do that if you slow down. 

Step 5: Take Small Actionable Steps 

And then number five, taking those small actionable steps you have discovered. That’s it. That’s the simplified plan to lose weight and lower your stress. It’s a low-stress path to weight loss success. You might be thinking, Okay, but Corey, that sounds weird. And you didn’t mention anything about food and I don’t know what I think about that. So let me share what this path leads to. 

Living in the Middle 

If I had to guess, probably 90% of you think, I can’t be consistent. Consistency’s my biggest struggle. That’s what happens when you are stuck in the all-or-nothing mindset. When you learn to live in between, in the middle neutral zone, you have less stress and you are much more consistent. You’re in the middle, in the space between all and nothing. This is one thing that can drastically change your life when you follow these simple 5 steps.

Stop Obsessing 

So what happens when you’re not obsessing about food all the time? For some of you right now, you’re thinking, yes, that’s what I want! To not obsess over food constantly. Maybe one of the reasons that some of you are so stressed and maybe have really high levels of anxiety Is that you’re mentally worn out. You’re constantly thinking about your body or hating on your body and thinking about what food you should eat or what foods you shouldn’t eat, or you’re constantly mentally beating yourself up for what you just did eat, and it’s draining.

And if you already have stress in your life from something else, from your work or your family or some social situation, and then you just add all this on top of it, no wonder we don’t have any energy or time or space to devote to actually moving forward with our weight loss goals. When you stop obsessing over food, it gives you a chance to use that energy to focus on more productive things.

You Can Do This

That’s called living in the middle. It’s what allows you to get results, to make progress, and to fully live and fully enjoy life. You do enough to get results, but you don’t go totally all or nothing. You don’t feel the need to be perfect because you’ve come to understand that perfection is a myth. It doesn’t even really exist when it comes to food and weight loss. And you’re just as focused on gaining life, enjoying birthday dinners with your spouse without any shame or regret. You’re just as focused on that as you are on losing weight. 

When you do it like that, when you purposefully slow down, you start to see your repeating patterns. You begin forgiving and healing from all the past failures and toxic negative emotions surrounding your body and losing weight. And you practice big awareness while also taking small steps. You learn to live in the middle in that space between all and nothing, and you begin to accept yourself, accept where you are and who you are right now. Then suddenly you have less stress. Oh, and food and weight loss begin to take up so much less space in your brain, and you begin to regain your confidence. To feel better about yourself, to believe in yourself a little more and a little more and a little more, and can you believe it? You also lose weight. But the crazy part is the whole weight loss thing has become less and less of the primary focus. Losing weight is really just like an awesome side effect. This is what I help people do, this is what I love, and this is what I want for all of you.