A Sinister Weight Loss Lie That You Probably Believe

Creeping below the surface of our “get in shape” weight-loss attempts is a sinister lie … and it’s poisoning us.


Here’s the worst part – this lie leaves us unhappy, feeling like a total failure – even when we’re making progress!  And it will ultimately cause you to become frustrated and quit.


So, what is it?  What is this powerful, evil lie?


The Instagram Implant

At least that’s what I call it. It’s this notion that we’re supposed to look a certain way … that we all should strive for 6-pack abs, a perfect butt you could bounce a quarter off, perfectly lean legs, and shoulders like Superman or Wonder Woman.


We’ve looked at enough pictures of people with (supposedly) “perfect bodies” that it’s implanted itself into our subconscious and we begin to think …

THAT is what fitness looks like. THAT is what I need to look like.


I’m particularly fiery about this topic (in case you can’t tell) for two reasons.


I’ve been there.

I was a champion bodybuilder and fitness model for almost 10 years. I’ve done photoshoots for fitness magazines. I’ve stood on stage with 3% body-fat, ripped abs, cut arms, legs hard as a rock – the whole deal. And let me tell you – it’s pretty cool …


And it’s pretty dang miserable too!

Backstage, every single competitor can’t wait to finish the contest and go chow down!


Dropping your body-fat that low and getting to that level of fitness is a freaking full-time job! It takes major (and I mean major) time, energy, and effort every – single – day. You have to change so many things about how you eat and live and workout that you basically become a social outcast. Yet …


Somehow, in 2019, after hours on Instagram, we’ve all decided that we should look like fitness models.

Not just lose some weight.

Not just improve our fitness.

Not just have more energy.

Not just feel better about our bodies and what we’re doing.


Nope. That’s not good enough anymore.

Now, it’s “Instagram fame” or failure … there is no in-between.


That’s total bullcrap and honestly, it pisses me off!


It will not only rob you of good steady progress, but it will also steal your joy, make you feel like a failure and ultimately abandon your fitness journey. Since you don’t yet have *fill in the blank* (six-pack abs, a rock-hard booty, whatever) … you’re a loser. You suck and your weight-loss/fitness journey is a failure.


Think about it …


A fitness model is the only PROFESSIONAL (it’s their freakin’ job to look like that) … where other people think:

“I can/should look that way. And I’ll do it in my spare time!”


I don’t go to my dentist and say – “Well dang, I should be able to fill a cavity and replace a crown. I’m such a loser?!”  


We don’t look at baseball players and say – “What’s wrong with me?! Why can’t I hit a 90mph fastball?!”


Yet that’s exactly what we do with fitness professionals. Look, if you want to be a fitness model … then do it, go all in, and accept everything that comes with it AND everything you have to give up.


BUT you also need to fully embrace a very important realization – it’s basically impossible to sustain.


As soon as you act like a semi-normal person again, you’ll start losing that “ripped look” that you’ve been working so hard for. It’s fleeting. It’s not like you achieve it and it just stays. Nooooo. It takes constant attention.


It’s the physique equivalent of saying …


“I want to hike Mt. Everest!”


Uhh, do you really? Is it worth it? Is it worth the time, effort, energy, and sacrifice??


If that’s what you want and it’s worth it … then heck yeah! Do it. Go for it. I fully support you.


But if it’s not worth it to you, here’s what I suggest …


Overcoming The Instagram Implant

Step One: Do NOT judge yourself or feel bad about the decision.

As a matter of fact, let me be the first to say – Congratulations! Knowing what you want is a key first step to success! But this doesn’t mean you just settle for (as some of my clients call it) being “fat and happy.”


Maybe you don’t want to hike Mount Everest, but that doesn’t mean you should stop hiking altogether. Go out, celebrate, and have fun on some smaller, but still beautiful hikes. In other words …


You can still lose weight, get fit, and enjoy your body … even if you let go of the fitness model lie. I’ve coached countless people who are making great progress but can’t even enjoy it because they’re so fixated on some magazine cover body. You’ve got to let that go.


Let’s get past all this fitness model crap and learn to enjoy and celebrate our body and being active and eating right and having energy AND the balance that it brings … balance that includes enjoying some chocolate cake or pizza or a burger every now and then.


Step Two: Consciously make the choice to be happy … being you.

Maybe even say it out loud – I’m perfectly okay if I never look like a fitness model. I also think it would be wise to stop following certain people on social media. Ya know … the people who have “Mt. Everest bodies.” Continuing to ohh and ahh at their pictures just reinforces the Instagram implant.


But maybe the most important (and difficult) thing is …


Step Three: Begin loving yourself and your body now, like right now, spare tire, muffin top and all.


Want to know something pretty crazy? I’ve always been self-conscious of my super pasty white skin. “But wait Corey, you were a bodybuilder without an ounce of fat on you!” Yep and I didn’t like taking my shirt off at the beach, because I was so pale (unless I used a bunch of fake tanner for competition). Crazy, huh? Here’s the bottom line …

When you begin feeling beautiful, happy, and worthy NOW … the weight loss results will come that much easier! And it is SO much more enjoyable. I’m not saying it’s a perfectly easy process, but it is true. I’ve seen it over and over again.


You’re finally courageous enough to wholeheartedly embrace the person you truly are – the real you, your personality, spirit, and heart – regardless of what you look like.


When that happens … look out!


You’re free to fully live – fully love – fully enjoy life and change your body for all the right reasons! It’s a beautiful thing and it makes the whole process fun. And that’s exactly how I felt once I made peace with my pale skin – free to fully live and enjoy life. So, it’s not just you. All of us have something we don’t like and it’s time to get past it and begin loving ourselves now … not once we lose weight … not once we look a certain way … not once we get a tan … NOW.


Dude … It’s Not That Easy


Corey, this makes sense, but dang … it’s not that easy. I can try to do what you’re saying, but that’s going to be tough.


I hear you and I agree. It can be super tough, but it is so freeing and so powerful! I want you to experience it! And I think a great first step is attending my free online workshop.

You can check it out and register by clicking HERE.  Or just go to: www.SixSecretsClass.com

Hope to see you there. We’ll bust some myths and have some fun 🙂