How To Assess Where You Are and Lose The Weight You Want To Lose

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As we gear up for the new year, the excitement for setting resolutions and achieving weight loss goals is in the air. So, let’s have an honest chat about where you stand with your body and figure out the best next steps for you.

How To Assess Where You Are and Lose The Weight You Want To Lose

The Call to Transformation

First things first, have you ever wished for your own personal food and nutrition expert to guide you through the maze of diet and weight loss confusion? Well, guess what? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m here for. I want to help you cut through the noise and make informed decisions about your health and fitness journey.

Navigating Social Quandaries

Let me share a little story from a recent wedding I attended. It never fails; whenever I’m at a social function, I get bombarded with questions about exercise, food, supplements, you name it. But there’s one question that consistently drives me nuts, and here’s why.

Picture this: we’re at a party, people are sipping on drinks, and someone looks at me and says, “Corey, how do I get rid of this?” as they grab their belly fat or love handles. It’s a loaded question for two reasons. One, it’s usually asked for laughs, and two, it’s nearly impossible to answer.

Now, I’m tempted to respond with sarcasm, but instead, I take a different route. I acknowledge their concerns and steer the conversation toward a more meaningful dialogue. I ask, “Do you really want to give up everything you enjoy to lose that? Is it truly worth it to you?”

For some, that’s a lightbulb moment. They realize they’re content with their lives and aren’t ready to make drastic changes. For others, the question becomes more serious, and they’re eager for guidance on how to make a positive change.

Your Roadmap to Success

Here’s my four-step process to help you evaluate where you are and take the right steps toward success:

Step 1: The Realization

Understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss. No magic pill or quick fix exists. It’s a journey, not a sprint.

Step 2: The Question

Ask yourself if the goal is worth the effort. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices, invest time and energy, and give up certain comforts to achieve your desired results?

Step 3: Another Realization

Recognize that meaningful change takes time, effort, and courage. Patience is key, and the journey won’t always be easy, but it is possible.

Step 4: The Commitment

Choose a solution that you genuinely believe in and fully commit to it. Whether it’s a trainer, a weight loss program, or a coach, make sure you have faith in the process.

Belief plays a crucial role here. Believe in your chosen solution, believe in yourself (even if it’s just enough to get started), and commit to the journey.

Your Journey Beyond the Scale

Now, as we approach the new year, you’ll likely face a myriad of choices on how to pursue your weight loss goals. Diets, workout plans, supplements – the options are endless. And this is where I want to help.

Remember, your journey is about more than just shedding pounds. It’s about gaining life and living the life you’ve always wanted. I’m here to support you every step of the way.