Can You Carry This?

The #1 reason people struggle to lose weight and meet their fitness goals is not what you might think. It’s not lack of discipline, or not knowing enough, or the wrong diet, or no willpower, or slow metabolism, or lackluster exercise. The #1 reason for lack of success is – overload.

Availability – margin – energy – personal resources are vital for success.

In order to lose weight, get in better shape, look great in a swimsuit, or wow your doctor at your next physical, you must have space in your life. You must have some open space, some availability, to take on the coming changes and new responsibilities.

Maybe an analogy will help paint a clearer picture. Imagine that you’re walking into your office or home and your hands are crazy full. You’re carrying your gym bag, a box of papers, your purse or briefcase, a water bottle, a bag of groceries over your arm, a child propped on the other, phone barely gripped between a couple fingers, one shoe’s untied, and you run into a co-worker or spouse who says – “Hey! Can you help me carry a few things?”

WHAT! Are you kidding me?!


That may not be your conscious reaction, but that’s exactly what your body, mind, and emotions are saying. It doesn’t matter how much you WANT to help your friend, you simply cannot. It’s impossible for you to add another thing to . . . YOU.

When you’re carrying, doing, juggling, and striving for a million things in life and you’re at full capacity, it’s basically impossible to add something else – especially if it’s going to take time and energy. In order to add something else, you’ve got to put something down to create space – for that new thing.

I’m sure you are an extremely motivated, ambitious, loving, caring, helpful person.

You successfully “carry” a ton of stuff. Kids, career, church or civic responsibilities, social functions, friendships, family needs, the list goes on and on. If you want to change your body, you must ask two questions . . .

Sometimes you just can’t add another thing to – you!

1 – Am I at capacity? (if the answer is ‘yes’ then move on to #2)

2 – What can I eliminate or reduce to make room for this new and exciting challenge?

I’m certainly not trying to tell you how to live your life. You’ve probably got it together better than a lot of folks out there. However, I also know when there’s not enough room for the extra energy and time it takes to change your body, then you’re doomed to spin your tires, waste your time, and be disappointed.

How can you overcome the #1 hurdle to a better body?

Be realistic with yourself. You’re an incredible person, but you are ONE person. Either wait to start a new weight loss or fitness program until life slows down a bit, or take steps to slow it down now, so that you will have room to pursue your goals and change your body.

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you experienced this?

Does “life overload” hamper your efforts to lose weight and get in shape?

Got any successful tactics to overcome overload?

See you in the Comments section . . .