Five Fat-Loss Personalities

There’s a reason you struggle to lose weight.

Discover your “fat-loss personality” and learn how to avoid the associated pitfalls.

Ah yes, New Year’s Resolutions are upon us. Suddenly everyone is bound and determined to drop some pounds and get sexy for summer. We all have similar goals – we want to lose weight and look better in a swimsuit. The funny thing is we all go about it in different, largely unsuccessful ways.

If you’re struggling with your 2018 goals, here’s why! There are five different “fat-loss personalities” that I consistently see. And each one presents it’s own unique pitfalls when you’re trying to drop pounds and get in shape.

If you’re honest, there’s a good chance you’re slipping into one of the following traps.

1) One and Done

These are the folks that believe in getting a fit body is like buying a car – once you get it, it’s yours. After you buy a car, it’s yours, it doesn’t go away. A fit healthy body is different. You can’t do a 21-day challenge or 4-week fat shred diet and expect the results to magically stay. One program, one diet, one super special workout may deliver results, buuut . . . the results will quickly fade once you’ve completed the challenge (or diet or workout program) and slowly creep back to “normal” life. Big Chin Superhero

2) World Changer

“New Year – New Me” might be the mantra of this fitness personality. They’re gung-ho. They’re going to change everything! Lose 20lbs, lower cholesterol, eat better, get out of debt, fit in those old jeans, quit yelling at the kids, sleep more, get more done, get a new hairstyle, clean out the closet, change jobs, keep the house more organized, enjoy life more, buy a Doberman and train it to growl every time I reach for junk food.

The new year brings a strong sense of empowerment and hope for these people. I’m all about empowerment and hope, but it’s tough enough to make one or two significant changes, much less tackle a list as long as your leg. Fewer goals always equal to more success.

3) Paralyzed Planner

Analytical. Perfectionist. Borderline OCD. If you identify with any of these words, there’s a good chance you’re a paralyzed planner. For you, there’s no reason to start any workout or diet or weight loss program unless it’s the exact right one. It’s GOT to be perfect. The only problem is . . . the perfect plan doesn’t exist . . . so you never get started. You’re paralyzed at the crossroads of opportunity. Sadly, no one ever gets fit standing still. Consistent effort, even if it’s flawed, beats the pants off endless analysis every time!

4) ProcrastiNever

For a paralyzed planner, it must be the perfect plan. For the Procrastinever, it must be the perfect time. Here’s the head-scratching cycle . . .

Winter’s too cold, so I’ll wait ‘til Spring.

Spring’s too busy, so I’ll wait ‘til Summer.

Summer is full of travel and the kids are out of school, so I’ll wait ‘til Fall.

Fall is so hectic getting the kids back into school, so I can’t do it then.

Uhhh, okay.
Let me say it again – ProcrastiNEVER. The question isn’t whether this person will ever actually lose weight and get fit, because they won’t. The question is – do they even want to? We all find the time to do the things that we truly want to do – the things that are important to us. We also find ways to squeeze the stuff we don’t like right out of our schedule. Bottom line: there is no perfect time, you just gotta start!

5) Sparkler

I can spot a Sparkler a mile away. Just like the popular firework, they get all fired up, burn bright, then suddenly fade and go out quick. Sparklers will do anything . . . for a few weeks.

Workout twice per day? Sure.sparklers

Eat nothing but broccoli, cardboard, and chia seeds? No problem.

Take ice cold showers to increase resting metabolic rate? Done!

For me, the surefire sparkler indicator is when someone bulldozes through the important stage of listening and understanding what they’ll be doing because they’re so ready to get started. It’s almost like they know their bright motivational fire is going to burn out soon so they need to take action now, now, NOW! In some ways, they’re the polar opposite of the Procrastinever. If we could hit the middle ground, then we’ve got a home run!

What’s the Solution?

So, you’re a World Changer or Sparkler or One-and-Doner and you’re doomed to wind up making the same resolution in 2019 that you just made for ‘18. What’s the solution? I could give you a snazzy one-liner that explains why your approach falls short and what you should do. But that really wouldn’t help. I also don’t believe a fancy gym or personal trainer will help.

I believe relationships help.

Find someone – a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker, a sibling, or it could be a caring, qualified trainer or nutrition coach. Bottom line – find someone that knows how to do what you want to do and pursue a relationship with them. Change comes from relationships – not from a program or diet or special workout.

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Parting tip – if you do nothing else, just try this . . .
Figure out what your top priority #1 goal is, write it down, read it every day, and put all other small goals aside. Focus all your energy on what’s most important – that one goal. I promise this one simple step will go a long way for you in 2018.