Five Things To Stop Doing If You Really Want To Lose Weight and Change Your Body For Good

If you REALLY want to lose weight and change your body once and for all, here are 5 things I highly recommend …

1: Stop trying to do it fast.

There’s a good chance you’ll regain it as quick as you lost it. Plus, let’s be real – you didn’t gain all the weight in 4 weeks, so why in the world should you lose it all in 4 weeks? And here’s the secret killer – when you’re dead-set on doing it fast … and then it doesn’t happen “fast” … suddenly you want to quit, get all discouraged, and think you can’t do it.


2: Stop looking for a magic bullet.

Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, 21-day fixes, 3 day cleanses, special supplements … NONE of them are magical. But ya know what is magical?


More specifically, that big clump of tissue between your ears. Your brain – and the thoughts, beliefs, fears, and programming that constantly bounces around in it – are the closest thing to a weight loss “magic bullet” that I know of.

Seriously, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and I can promise you if there is a secret to weight loss, it’s this … If you want to change your body, you must first change your brain.


3: Stop beating yourself up.

Shame. Gulit. Embarrassment. Disappointment. Very few things are as personal and impact us as deeply as our body. If you struggle with your weight, I don’t have to tell you this. You know. You’ve experienced it firsthand.

Here’s the thing – every failed attempt at changing your body just compounds on top of the other and before you know it, you are convinced you can’t do it. And with this failure comes disappointment and embarrassment.

On top of that, you feel shameful because you should be slender and fit, right?

I mean that’s what society tells us is beautiful and acceptable, right?

Fat people are lazy and unattractive, right?

And your sister or neighbor or best friend or whoever is slender … so you should be able to do it too, right? And then, as if that’s not bad enough, you feel the need to make a public apology every time an unhealthy food crosses your lips. “Oh I shouldn’t be eating this. I’ll start my diet on Monday.”  

It’s a horrible trap. You don’t like your body. Yet you just can’t seem to figure out how to change it. But you still can’t enjoy delicious foods because you’re consumed with guilt every time you eat something other than broccoli.  It’s enough to make you want to drown your emotions in a late night bucket of Ben and Jerrys … start avoiding mirrors … hate all skinny people … and never wear a swimsuit – in front of anybody – ever.

Okay, I can’t help you solve all of this in one simple blog. But I can and will tell you this – the first step to making progress with your body is forgiving yourself and wiping the slate clean. It may sound cheesy, but it’s necessary and it works. Forgive yourself for all the failed attempts, for all the negative stuff you’ve said to yourself, and for all the mental beatings you’ve endured. And wipe the weight loss slate clean. That’s the only way you’ll progress in a positive way.


4: Stop focusing on what you can’t change.

Sure, you may not have super supportive friends or coworkers. Sure, your family may love donuts in the morning and pizza at dinner. Sure, you may not have the best genetics. But guess what? You can’t do jack about that stuff.

Putting your time, attention, and energy on those things cripples your efforts to change your body. Newsflash – weight loss isn’t fair. Some people have it easier and some people have it a little tougher. You can’t change that. But you CAN change your attitude and what you choose to focus on. 


5: Stop trying to do it yourself.

If you stop and think about it – there are very few truly worthwhile, awesome things in life that we do alone. Almost always, we have a partner, helper, expert, coach, or friend. Yet, with weight loss, we’re almost afraid to admit we need help. We feel like we SHOULD be able to figure it out and do it on our own. Look … if losing weight and changing your body were easy, people would be successful all the time and 70% of Americans wouldn’t be overweight. 

Bottom line – it’s tough and most people don’t know what their doing.

Most people would never dream of taking on a big remodeling project on their own … yet, this is exactly what we do with our body. Losing weight is like remodeling your body and your health. It’s a big deal and can be confusing and discouraging at times. I’m not saying you can’t be successful on your own, but the chances are slim (no pun intended). Finding someone or some group who knows what their doing can be the greatest thing you’ve ever done. 

I know this may sound like a total sales pitch, but it’s not. There are millions of people on this planet. I have clients in Georgia, Wisconsin, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan (to name a few). My point is this – you should find the best solution for YOU. It may be me. It might be someone else. You will connect with certain people and programs more than others. 

So …

Slow down.

Realize your brain is the magic bullet.

Forgive yourself and wipe the slate clean.

Change your attitude and approach.

And find someone great to help you.


If you’d like to know more about what I do and how I do it, just click HERE. There’s a short video where I explain the 3-step process I use to help my clients overcome years of weight loss struggles to finally change their bodies once and for all.