Follow the 3 Ms to the Land of Better

The “Land of Better” is the destination that I strive to lead people to. It’s a place in life where you realize a new and improved version of yourself. I often get asked an obvious question that just might have passed through your head – Corey, how do you lead people to the land of better? The answer can be encapsulated with three neat little Ms, the 3 Ms to the Land of Better.

M #1 – MIND

By far, the most overlooked and neglected aspect of losing weight, improving health, dropping body-fat, adding muscle mass, gaining strength, or fitting into your high school blue jeans (just in case acid-washed denim ever makes a comeback) is . . . your MIND. Many people think they address the mental component but typically fall well short. It is important that you take the necessary time and program your brain for success before launching into any challenging endeavor. Somehow, we overlook this when it comes to changing our body. We buy a book, scan a few chapters, and plan to start a new diet on Monday. Umm, yeah, how’s that working for ya?

To truly wire your noggin for success, it is absolutely essential to do at least two things: set detailed goals (more to come on this in a future blog) and develop a strategic plan (or hire a coach to do so).


If preparing your mind is the #1 thing to do before aiming for the Land of Better, then addressing your MOUTH runs a close second. There is no other single factor that can equal the tremendous impact that positive nutrition has on the way you look and feel. Exercise all you want, take all the vitamins and “fat burners” you want, but if your nutrition stinks you can forget achieving any successful change.

M#3 – MOVE

As if there aren’t enough fad diets out there, the fitness industry likes to pile the hype high each and every New Year and swimsuit season. Forget all the over-hyped offers!  To lose fat and better your health, you need to MOVE – you’ve got to move and move consistently. Sure, various workout programs offer different benefits, but ultimately they all have one thing in common – movement. If you want to head toward the Land of Better, then start moving your body! Walk, run, lift weights, ride a bike, take an aerobics class, do yoga, swim, hit some cardio intervals, play a sport, the list goes on and on.

Truth be told, I could write a small book on each ‘M.’ The point of this post is not to overload you with detailed information, but to make you aware of the three vital elements that will lead to success when attempting to change your body.