How to Lose Weight Even When You Aren’t Motivated

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Today, I’m going to explain how to lose weight even when you’re not motivated. You might be thinking, “Corey, I don’t think that’s possible. I struggle to lose weight because I lose my motivation. If I could just figure out how to stay motivated, then I could lose weight.”

But here’s the secret: it’s not about motivation. It’s about a mindset shift that can change everything. This concept isn’t a trick but a crucial shift from forcing to choosing. It can revolutionize how you think about losing weight and make the process easier and more enjoyable.

How to Lose Weight Even When You Aren’t Motivated

The Power of Choice

For most of us, losing weight feels like an uphill battle. It’s something we feel we have to do, often leading to stress and overwhelm. Many of us associate it with failure due to past attempts. Who wants to dive back into that cycle of stress and failure? This is why we wait for motivation to strike before starting another diet.

However, the need for motivation arises from our tendency to force weight loss. When we shift to choosing instead of forcing, everything changes. You no longer rely on the fleeting feeling of motivation. Instead, you make conscious choices in your daily life that lead to weight loss, transforming the process into something enjoyable and sustainable.

Real-Life Success: Aubrey’s Story

This episode is inspired by a powerful story shared by Aubrey, a member of my inner circle coaching group. Back in 2022, Aubrey suggested revisiting this episode because it had a profound impact on her journey. Aubrey has lost 47 pounds, transformed her life, and overcome significant obstacles.

Recently, she underwent body composition scans, revealing she lost 19 pounds of pure body fat while gaining almost a pound of muscle mass. This is a testament to doing things right and consistently choosing actions that benefit her goals.

Moving from Force to Choice

When you try to force weight loss, it rarely works and isn’t enjoyable. Forcing anything makes you feel like a slave to the process. On the other hand, choosing puts you in control. When you choose, you’re no longer a victim or slave to your goals. You take responsibility and actively make decisions that benefit you.

Choosing the body you want means making daily choices that lead to weight loss. It’s not a one-time decision like buying a car or choosing a vacation spot. It’s a continuous process of making choices day after day.

The Disneyland Analogy

Think about it this way: planning a trip to Disneyland involves a series of decisions, sacrifices, and possibly some discomforts, but it’s ultimately worth it. The process isn’t always fun. There will be parts you dislike, but you endure them because the overall experience is worth it.

Losing weight is similar. It’s not always easy or fun. It might cost money, require you to make sacrifices, or push you out of your comfort zone. But just like the trip to Disneyland, the end result is worth it.

Three Ways to Make Losing Weight Easier and More Fun

  1. Believe in Your Success: Your success exists, even if you can’t see it right now. Just like Disneyland exists even if you’re not there, your future, healthier self is out there waiting for you. Borrow my belief in you if you need to because I know you can do it.
  2. Make Daily Choices: Each day, you have the opportunity to cast a vote for your future self. Choose actions that align with the person you want to become. Whether it’s choosing a healthy meal or deciding to exercise, these daily choices add up.
  3. Embrace the Journey: Understand that the weight loss journey is a real experience with ups and downs. There will be moments of excitement and discouragement, breakthroughs and obstacles. Embrace each part of the journey, knowing that it’s leading you to a healthier, happier you.

Making the shift from forcing to choosing can transform your weight loss journey. It takes you from feeling like a slave to the process of being in control and actively shaping your future. Remember, it’s about the daily choices you make and believing in the possibility of your success.

How to Lose Weight Even When You Aren’t Motivated