Nothing Works Without This One Thing …

Does trying to lose weight just feel miserable, dreadful, and stressful? Here’s why …


99% of people go about weight loss all wrong.


And I’m about to teach you how to make losing weight so much easier and actually kind of fun.


If you’re always starting fresh on Monday …

If you feel like you’re constantly on a diet …

If you hate trying to lose weight, yet feel like a prisoner until you do …


Here’s your answer to finally breaking through, getting results, and actually having some fun. And it’s not what you think. Listen, you’ve GOT to …



Your brain might be screaming right now –

“Wait one minute Corey! That’s the problem. If I take the pressure off myself … if I don’t keep myself in check, my weight would skyrocket!”


Nope. Not only is that not true, it’s backwards. Hear me out.


So, what does it mean to “take the pressure off?” And how do you do it?

Many of us don’t even realize it, but we’ve put tremendous pressure on ourselves to lose weight. It’s like do or die. We get all fired up, set big goals, step on the scales everyday, maybe even multiple times per day, and when things don’t happen as they should (or as we think they should) it’s devastating.


We’re instantly discouraged … disheartened … confused … and just kind of lost.


We feel like we gave it our best and for what?! A pound or two of water weight? Or maybe the scales didn’t move at all? You didn’t hit your goal and you can’t keep up this pace, so … why not just give up!?


Here’s the kicker …


That terrible scenario ONLY happens when we’re emotionally attached to our goal and chained to the scales. We’ve put so much pressure on ourselves that losing weight becomes no fun at all.


This is heartbreaking, because the process of losing weight can and should be fun and exciting! I mean think about it – with each passing day, you’re improving, feeling better, gaining energy, and bettering your body. But all that gets lost when the pressure’s so high that you just feel miserable all the time.


It’s like you’re subconsciously waiting to be put out of your misery by escaping the whole weight loss process!


So, if you’re fed up with all the pressure and willing to try a new approach … here’s what I suggest and teach my coaching clients. And we have a blast and get results 🙂


1: Let go of your goal.

There’s a good chance your weight loss goal has been holding you hostage for a very long time. You’ve had some number in your head for months or years and you just won’t be happy until you get there.


So, here’s the deal … just let it go. Seriously. Release your death grip on that number that you believe will bring happiness and beauty and contentment (which is total bullcrap by the way).


Corey, wait …it can’t be that easy dude.

Um, yeah it can. You just have to do it. Release it.


But let me forewarn you – you’ll meet some resistance. You’ll feel like you’re giving up … like you’re letting yourself off the hook. When, in actuality, the opposite is true.


You’re finally courageous enough to begin the process, the journey toward true health and weight loss … WITHOUT being driven (like a slave) by some stupid goal.


You can pursue weight loss as a free woman or man and learn and progress and enjoy the process. Or you can keep that made-up goal shackled to your leg and begrudgingly drag it every step of the way. The choice is yours. So, take a deep breath and just let go. Doesn’t that feel good?


Now, if we’re going to let go of our goal, it’s vital that you …


2: Step away from the scales.

I know this may sound like the scariest thing ever, but I promise you it’s even more liberating! We have this crazy idea that if we don’t weigh consistently, then we’ll somehow gain weight like a sumo wrestler at an all-you-can-eat buffet! It’s just not true. Not only is it a lie, stepping away from the scales frees you for an entirely different and better weight loss experience.


Suddenly, you can focus on the day-to-day stuff that causes weight-loss while actually enjoying the process. It becomes so much more fun when you’re no longer held hostage by a stupid number on that little machine in your bathroom. A number, by the way, that never tells the whole story.


One time I had a client who only lost 2 pounds in six weeks, but we later discovered through DEXA body-fat analysis that she had actually lost 12 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of lean, toned muscle! But you certainly wouldn’t know that from the scales alone!


So the choice is yours …


You can continue to be swayed by countless factors that affect your day to day weight (hormones, sodium, bathroom frequency, emotional stress, the list goes on and on) … or you can choose to step away from the scales and focus your time, energy, and attention on the SKILLS that deliver results.


I hope you’re willing to make this scary leap.


3: Choose don’t Force

Choosing is fun. Being forced is not. In life, we either choose to do something or we’re forced to do it. We either want to do something or feel like we have to. All the “have to’s” – the stuff we’re forced into usually gets put off, neglected, and eventually we even develop animosity and begin to despise it.  


I believe this is why so many of us have a bad taste in our mouth when it comes to losing weight. It’s one of the reasons we have such a negative relationship with our body.


Some “perfect weight” gets stuck in your head and you’re stuck, trapped in pursuit whether you want to or not.


And there’s a good chance that number is totally made up. You’ve got an emotional connection to it because …

It’s what you weighed in college …

Or it’s what you weighed when you got married …

Or it’s what the doctor said you should weigh …

Or it’s what you weighed when you fit into your favorite jeans …

Or it’s what you think you need to weigh to fit in with all your friends …

Or it’s what you weighed before your baby …

Or it’s what you weighed when before your mom or dad or spouse or sibling or whoever started making comments about your weight.


I know, I know. I just hit some pretty deep, delicate stuff there. I’m not sorry. Because the irony is …


Until you break free from that crap, you’re going to feel forced to lose weight … like you have no choice. You HAVE to do it otherwise blah, blah, blah. (crap, crap, crap)


Your brain will tell you all kinds of things, but listen up … they’re not true. There is no special number that brings beauty and worth and happiness. It’s actually the other way around.


When you can begin feeling beautiful, happy, and worthy NOW … the weight loss results will come that much easier! Ya feel me? I’m not saying it’s a perfectly easy process, but it is true. I’ve seen it over and over again.


But just like with the scales and your made-up goals, you’re going to meet some resistance. You’ll feel like you’re like you’re letting yourself off the hook … like you’re disappointing yourself or that other person.  When, in actuality, the opposite is true.


You’re finally courageous enough to wholeheartedly embrace the person you truly are – the real you, your personality, spirit, and heart – regardless of what you weigh.


When that happens … look out!


You’re free to fully live, fully love, fully enjoy life, and fully pursue weight loss … for all the right reasons! Because you WANT to, not because you have to. It’s a beautiful thing and it makes the whole process fun.


Dude … It’s Not That Easy

Okay, you just learned all about “taking the pressure off” to make weight loss so much easier and more fun. But, while reading, you were probably thinking –

Corey, this makes sense, but dang … it’s not that easy. I can try to do what you’re saying, but that’s going to be tough.

I hear you and I agree. It can be super tough, but it is so freeing and so powerful! I want you to experience that freedom and power. And that’s why I want to help as much as possible by teaching you something else I do with my clients – “take the lid off.”

And by “lid,” I mean your head. In other words, taking your lid off to see what’s going on in your brain when it comes to weight loss, food, and working out.  I’m talking about learning to think in a different way.

I’ll send you the exact same 3R method that I use with my coaching clients. This free download takes you step-by-step through the process of transforming the negative chatter in your head into fruitful, encouraging thoughts that lead you to results, success, and more peace of mind.

Just click HERE to get it 100% free.