One Brutal Self-Sabotaging Thought

There is one brutal, self-sabotaging thought that creeps into our mindset and destroys our chances for achieving success.

I had an interesting conversation with a client recently. She explained to me that, during moments of temptation, she rationalizes . . .

“If I just eat one, it really won’t make a difference.
And … ya know, if I’m strong and don’t eat one, it won’t really make a difference in the long run either.”

So, she goes ahead and has one . . . because after all, it won’t matter.

So . . . this moment doesn’t matter.

At all.

For good or bad.

Long-term or short-term.

You know this isn’t true. I know it isn’t true. Yet we fall for it anyway.

This rationalization is what gets us into trouble. It eliminates the importance of your day-to-day decisions.

It disconnects your present from your future. 

It takes what you’re about to do or not do – right here, right now – and makes it seem irrelevant.

Which makes you . . . powerless. After all, if your current decisions don’t impact your outcome . . . then what will?! Game over! Why even try?

It’s time to trash that faulty thinking!

Because . . . this moment DOES matter!

Every moment matters.

If you want to be successful, to move toward any goal in life, one of the most important things you can do is recognize that this – moment – matters.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the decision.

Ya know why . . . cause small victories (seemingly small, unimportant moments) lead to big success and big moments that you’ll celebrate and never forget!

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