Permission to Fail

Let’s start with a bang! If you want, you can read the next sentence and move on to something else. Ready?

You are not your failures.

For quite some time, one of my central tenets has been that people don’t need to be shamed into making changes for their health. Most folks already feel bad enough about themselves and their struggles. Instead, if we can improve self esteem, THEN we can move in a positive direction.

You must give yourself permission to fail. And you must forgive yourself when you fail – because forgiving yourself allows you to maintain solid self esteem which is vital to your overall success. People with terrible self esteem rarely achieve their goals.

Again – you are not your failures.

You must be able to separate yourself from your failures and say –

Ok, let me regroup. Here’s what I know – I am an awesome, fully capable human being with tre

mendous potential. Now, I’m going to examine my failures, figure out what happened, how I can overcome, and move forward toward success.

The wise learn from their failures

Here’s the real secret! Achieve anything your heart desires when that mental conversation finishes like this . . .

And I will continue this process of trying, struggling, examining my failure, and moving forward over and over again until I get the results I want – until I am successful.    

This is essential because everyone’s path is imperfect, bumpy, and different. You must have permission to fail, to explore, to experiment. Only with this mindset and solid “I am capable” and “I am worthy” attitude, will you find success and enjoy the process of changing your body.

My hope and prayer is that you are not shamed into pursuing a better body, but that you start from a positive place, a place of worth, where you smile with self esteem ready to have some fun going after the body you want! I’d love to help you get started in that direction. This free download will help you do it – guaranteed.