The Moment That Guarantees Weight Loss Success

The Moment That Guarantees Weight Loss Success

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In this post, I’m sharing something that I was honestly hesitant to talk about because in some ways I feel like it almost goes against a lot of what I teach. But it’s real and true, and I’ve seen it. So we’re going to talk about it. The moment that guarantees weight loss success. I’ve seen it multiple times, but it struck me recently on a coaching call with a client in my Inner Circle. 

The Moment That Guarantees Weight Loss Success 

Radically Changing Your Life

The coaching call I just mentioned was with an incredible young lady who has lost over 50 pounds. She has radically changed her life and she has really come out of her shell. I see her smiling more, she believes in herself, and she believes in her abilities to succeed in this area of her life. In our conversation, she shared how the “boy in her brain” will sometimes try to convince her that this is temporary and it’s just a matter of time before she screws it all up again and gains the weight back. In the past, she has lost weight and gained it back, something many of us struggle with. 

When she shared all of this, I went into a big coaching spiel about how she’s not going to gain it back, and I explained specific reasons why she wouldn’t. Things that I see in her and her journey are big indicators for long-term success. She sat quietly and listened and then she said, I know, I’m not worried. I joined this group and I made up my mind, I’m doing this. And she just had this smile on her face. I made up my mind. 

Have You Made Up Your Mind?

Have you had that moment? That moment when you draw that line in the sand, and you’re just done. You’re done with the old and every ounce of you believes in the new, and every ounce of you is set on creating the new? Have you had a moment like that? Now understand, this is just a moment. It takes a lot more than a moment to drive you to the success that you really want. The person that I’m talking about in my coaching group, didn’t just have a moment and then sit there and wait for her life or her body to change. 

She had a moment and she took action. But here’s the thing. In one defining moment, they become a new person and their body just has to catch up. They’re done with excuses, they’re done with shifting blame, and they’re done with being a victim. They have stepped off the path they had been traveling and started on a new one. 

Your Defining Moment 

This moment, it’s like an atomic explosion that totally changes the course of your life. It’s like splitting an atom. Atoms are super small, and in the grand scheme of your life, one decision can seem so tiny, but it can also pack unbelievable life-altering power. Just ask someone who had unprotected sex and got pregnant at 16. Or someone who decided to drive after too much alcohol and wound up destroying their or someone else’s life. One moment, one decision can have massive power. So I started thinking, what’s behind this powerful moment when it comes to losing weight and changing your life? What leads to this life-changing moment? Here’s what I came up with. 

It’s Rational 

There can be emotions associated with it, but it’s not an emotional decision. There might be some emotion present with this moment, but when people have it, they understand that it’s so much more. They understand it’s the beginning of a process. It’s a shift in their life, not just a bunch of emotional fluff. 

It Contains Enough Power to Sustain You

It’s not like a little firecracker boom that sparkles brightly for a few seconds and then it’s gone. It’s like I mentioned earlier, it’s an atomic explosion. There are massive long-term ripple effects that reshape how you think and what you do. This moment truly reshapes the landscape of your life. 

This Moment Will Define You

It doesn’t leave you the decision. That moment sticks with you it defines or redefines you in your life. Not only does it do that, but it shifts your identity. It’s like in one amazing moment, someone becomes a new person, and as I mentioned before, their body just has to catch up. 

It’s Fail-Proof 

Suddenly your success becomes inevitable. It is happening. You know it. It’s not a matter of when. Now this is important to remember: this does not mean you never mess up ever again. That’s crazy. That’s not real life. When I say this moment is fail-proof, it basically means that stumbles and mess-ups no longer cause you to quit. They might disappoint you, but they don’t derail you. They’re like pesky flies that might buzz around from time to time, but nothing more than that. They don’t deter you. You just swat them away and you keep going. 

The Moment that Guarantees Weight Loss Success 

Do people get to this moment because they’re fed up or because they’re deathly scared of some health issue or health struggle? Or because of what happened while on vacation or because of a conversation with a friend or a book they read? It could be any of those reasons or a million other things. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what leads people to this powerful place. It’s probably different for each person. But regardless of where it came from or what led to it, this moment shifts people to a place of certainty. Suddenly they believe 1000% they not only can but will do it. 

Here’s what I encourage you to do. Think back through your life so far. Have you ever had one of these powerful moments in some other area, maybe you quit smoking or quit drinking. Maybe you left a relationship that wasn’t healthy or good for you. What was something really difficult you did in your life that all came back to one powerful brain-shifting, life-changing moment? Find one. Because I am sure you have at least one. Then look for clues of what led to it and what shifted in your brain. You might just learn what it takes for you to have another one of these powerful brain-shifting, life-changing moments. Open your mind to the possibility that you actually can be successful, that you actually can achieve the results that you want. Stop shutting down your chances of success before you even get to it. Just cracking the door to belief in yourself and in your success can go such a long way in helping you find that powerful moment that just might change your life.