The Real Stuff That Leads To A Better Life and Body


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When I started this journey, I never imagined reaching 100 episodes, let alone 300. But here we are, thanks to you – our incredible listeners spread across the globe. Your support keeps this podcast alive, and I am immensely grateful for each one of you.

The Real Stuff That Leads To A Better Life and Body

Three Important Truths

I don’t know who you are or what your specific situation is. You could be young or old, married or divorced, with a big family or none at all. You might be struggling with your weight, feeling like you’ve failed countless times, or just starting your weight loss journey. Regardless of your circumstances, there are three things I want you to know:

1.You have what it takes 

You have the potential to be successful in your life. You might doubt yourself, but I assure you that you possess the qualities needed to achieve your goals. The “bully in your brain” might magnify your failures and minimize your successes, but don’t let it win. Believe in yourself and know that you have what it takes.

2. You are amazing just the way you are 

Society often tells us we need to change to be accepted or loved, but that’s not true. Whether you’re 20 pounds overweight or 100, you are amazing just the way you are. Self-acceptance is the first step toward positive change. Hating yourself will not lead to lasting results. Instead, embrace who you are now and move forward from a place of self-love.

3. You are loved and valued 

You are loved and valued right now, exactly as you are. There are countless people who appreciate and cherish you. Even if you feel alone, there is a higher power that loves you unconditionally. Recognize your worth and understand that you are an essential part of many people’s lives.

Embrace Your Journey

As we wrap up this special episode, I want you to internalize these truths. You have what it takes, you are amazing just the way you are, and you are loved and valued. These messages are not just words – they are the foundation for a healthier, happier life. If you ever need a reminder, come back to this episode and let these truths sink in.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support means the world to me. As always, you can reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook. Take care of yourself, embrace your worth, and remember that you are incredible."The