Welcome to the Land of Better!

Welcome to my new site and the Land of Better!

I’m pretty sure I never took a single business class throughout my entire academic career. In retrospect, it probably would’ve been a good idea, but it’s just not who I am. My passion lies elsewhere. I’m not a student of business or industry trends – that doesn’t interest me. However, it has been fascinating to be on the inside and have a bird’s eye view of the good, bad, and ugly in the fitness and weight loss world.  Through the years I’ve seen a lot. My journey in this industry hasn’t been an attempt to stay hip with the latest trends, but there’s no doubt my business has evolved as the years have passed.

Thirteen years ago, I officially entered the fitness and weight loss arena as a trainer and nutritionist. A big time background in natural bodybuilding, proved to me the amazing power of food. In college, I pursued degrees in health and nutrition, and racked up a couple trainer certifications. Coming out of the gate, I really didn’t have a well defined mission statement. I simply loved fitness and nutrition and wanted to teach and help people.

Fast forward over a decade, I’ve studied more nutrition books, articles, and research than any normal human would ever care to see, read and tried enough exercise protocols to make Hercules sore, and taken my business in three distinct directions.

At each business shift, the guiding force has not been – “How can I make tons of money?” or “How can I stay hip within this industry?” Rather – “How can I become better?” How can I achieve more success with more people? I’ve learned a lot over the years and one thing is certain – you can always get better. I can get better, you can get better. This idea of “better” connects with me and fully captures the picture of my profession. Thirteen years ago, I was just a fired up kid with a degree in nutrition and a personal trainer certification. Now, I’ve evolved into a man with a well-defined purpose and passion.

I want to help people become better.

Or, as I like to say, my passion is leading people to the Land of Better.

This website is a reflection of that. It is the third site I’ve had and I’m excited about making it a great vehicle for awesome information that will motivate and educate. Subscribe to the blog and check back in from time to time. My path is never perfectly straight (no one’s is), but I’m headed toward the Land of Better.

I hope you’ll join me!