What I Learned from my Knee Injury

While everyone else was making New Year Resolutions, I thought it’d be a great idea to kick off 2017 by tearing my MCL and cracking my femur. How did this happen? For the answer, read on and discover what I learned from my knee injury.

1. Normal is a blessing.

Normal is almost a disappointing word nowadays.

“Eh, just a normal day.”

How many times have you said or heard this? Someone asks how your day is and you’re almost embarrassed to say . . . normal.

Well, I’ve got news for you – normal is AWESOME!

My life hasn’t been normal since my knee injury. I have to stand up and sit down like I have a pirate peg leg, wear a big bulky brace everyday that makes me look like a cross between RoboCop and a personal trainer, put on my pants like an 80 year old, lay my seat down to “hospital bed level” to get in and out of my car, gingerly slide in bed like I’m playing charades, and dear Lord . . . taking a shower is the equivalent of dancing in a minefield!

Yeah, it’s kinda funny. But, honestly, I am SO excited about being … normal again.

And my situation isn’t even severe. Just ask a cancer patient or burn victim or someone in a horrible car accident – if they would like to be normal again.

So . . . don’t take normal for granted. Normal is a blessing from God. Normal is actually pretty dang extraordinary.

2. Your body is amazing!

Just like we do with normal, we also take our body’s amazing capabilities for granted.

You own (and live in!) in the coolest, most complex, self sufficient machine ever created. Even with the amazing advancements in technology, science cannot create anything that comes close to doing what your body does.

When the guy fell on me, it felt like two pieces of Velcro ripping apart on the inside of my knee. Then, afterward while simply walking, I couldn’t take a right turn because my leg would collapse inward.

Thankfully, as University of Kansas medical school professor, Dr. Roger Lindberg says,

“90% of all human problems will fix themselves if you give the body what it needs and time.”

Now, only 5 weeks later, the “Velcro” is nearly repaired. I can walk and turn right or left with no collapse. The fact that your body will recognize injury, begin to address it right away, and totally heal over time is ahmazing!

What’s the opposite of amazing?

The fact that we don’t marvel at and appreciate that! Not to mention we often don’t eat the right foods or do the right things to help our internal systems do the job of healing. For goodness sakes, help your body out by resting and eating some vegetables, quality protein, and “hero fats” (as I like to call them) a few times each day.

3. Friends are awesome.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. 10 For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Woe to Corey if he is alone and falls!

Kidding aside, it’s been incredibly humbling and encouraging how many wonderful people have shared encouraging words, prayers for quick recovery, and lent a hand. I’ve had clients carry my gym bag down the way-too-long-hall at the Y. Others have offered to load weights on the bar for me. Heck, I was invited to park in a handicap space (which I simply cannot do).

Bottom line – love from folks almost has a healing effect in itself. It lifts your spirits and brightens your perspective. It’s nice to know there are people that care and will “lift you up” when the time calls.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side to this coin of human nature. My next realization proves the point.

4. Don’t be a hater.

weight loss secrets

I may look old, but don’t hate!

It’s expected. People see my robo-brace and immediately ask – “Oh my! What’d you do?” I try to keep my response simple and concise – basketball injury. The majority of responses are positive and caring. But, I also got my fair share of these . . .

“Don’t you know you’re too old for that!”

“Ha! No more snow skiing for you!”

“You gotta know your limits man.”

“I thought you were the fitness guy.”

Many would say these responses were meant to be humorous, buuut . . . the tone and look in their eyes said otherwise. It was almost like these people took delight in my injury. It made them feel better to have a sort of “I told ya so!” moment with me. It’s like they couldn’t ski or play basketball for some
reason and they had been jealous that I could. Or maybe, for some sad reason,
they’re just the kind of person who delights in other people’s misfortunes.

The German word for this is schadenfreude. It is regarded as morally evil, less acceptable than envy, and unfortunately also a common human emotion.

Common or not, these people were taking a little humor-coated (to make it seem okay) jab at my misfortune. Nah. Not cool. All it did was make me angry, kind of sad, and reveal the true nature of the people making the comment.

I would love to say I’ve never been guilty of such schadenfreude, but I’m sure I have. So I decided – I will do my dangdest to express nothing but empathy, love, and encouragement in the face of other’s misfortune.

How about it? Let’s all try to support and love each other. Toss jealousy and don’t hate. It says way more about you than them.

Wrap Up

So . . . what actually caused my knee injury? As you’ve probably figured out by now, a relatively big dude fell on me during a basketball game. But have no fear! My glorious basketball career (insert laughter here) is not over yet. I should make a full recovery in time to do some snow skiing this April, water skiing this summer, and lots more basketball in between.

No doubt, the best part about an injury is you learn a ton. Be sure you’re part of my Food and Fitness Family email list (I also shared my weight loss secrets there) so you don’t miss part 2 of this blog where I’ll share the secrets of my nearly painless, drug-free, super speedy recovery. This insider nutrition and exercise guidance just might do away with your achy shoulder, knee, or elbow AND help get you in “warm weather is coming” shape in no time!