Chocolate Covered Tux

A super big CONGRATS to my client and dear friend Amber Jarrard. Saturday night she married Jon Ebert. Ally and I were honored to attend. It was a beautiful wedding, awesome reception, and we meet some of the coolest people.

I must confess – there’s something pretty embarrassing you can’t see in this picture.

Right before we left home for the wedding (near Atlanta), I spilled a chocolate protein shake all down the side of my suit and shirt. Just magical. So what did I do? I wiped it off with paper towels, hopped in the car, and we took off for the wedding.

Fifteen minutes later, Ally and I were laughing, and I learned four things from going to a wedding with a chocolate covered tux.

1 – Laugh, don’t stress.

As I felt the cold and saw the chocolate waterfall running down the side of my shirt and pants, my instant reaction was to get mad! At who? At what? Why? Yes, it was aggravating and frustrating, but so what? Nobody was injured or dead. What’s the big deal? Yet, it’s so easy to allow something so silly to stress us beyond reason. The next time this “stupid stress reaction” happens to you, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself – Is this really worth it? If the answer is No, then ask this question – Will I probably laugh about this later? If the answer is Yes, then go ahead and laugh now.

chocolate covered tux, giving up sucks
My poor shirt after soaking with stain remover.

2 – You care way more than anybody else.

Maybe people could see the protein shake remnants on my suit . . . maybe not. Regardless, nobody (not one single person) came up to me and said something. I didn’t even get one awkward stare. We tend to be way too concerned with what other people think. We also tend to think that everybody is constantly looking at and judging us. Guess what?

They’re not.

And if they are, they need to get a life of their own! The people we sat with at the reception probably couldn’t even tell you what color shirt or tie I had on. Get over yourself and you’ll live a much happier, freer, enjoyable life.

3 – Drinking a protein shake before a big event is a great way to not overeat.

You knew I had to derive some nutrition wisdom from this experience! Bottom line – don’t go to a social event starving. Matter of fact, don’t pull up to any meal starving. Ally and I both drank a protein shake (or at least part of one) on the way to the wedding. We enjoyed the delicious food at the reception but didn’t overeat. Take the edge off hunger with a protein shake. You’ll be happy you did. Here’s the one I recommend (and spilled all over tux) – Metabolic Momentum.

4 – Giving up sucks.

The mentality easily could’ve gone like this . . . I’m so ticked. I need to change clothes and don’t have time. If I do change, we’ll run super late. If I don’t change, I’ll look like a weirdo. Screw it! We’re just not going.
That’s giving up and it sucks. Yet, it’s exactly what we do with so many things in life, especially diet, exercise, and health. We get all fired up, ready to go, we start out, then hit a bump, or screw up, whine, get mad, and quit. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. You’ll miss all the fun you could’ve had in that messy chocolate covered tux!

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