One simple trick to help you look and feel better . . .

You don’t drink enough water.

You may think you do, but you really don’t. Statistics tell us that over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. It always amazes me, when counseling new nutrition clients, how many people drink hardly any flippin’ water!!

Good grief! How are you alive?? I mean … really.

It is THE single most powerful thing you can do to help your body (and also the simplest).

So, here’s one simple trick to help you look and feel better in just a few short days . . .

I challenge you to track your water intake each day. See how much you normally drink. Then begin to strive for 2 to 3 liters (or 70 to 100 ounces) per day. After just a few days, you’ll be AMAZED at the difference.

Here’s a little challenge to get you started – try out my 16 ounce Starter. Make a commitment to slam 16oz of water (preferably cold) first thing in the morning. Drink it before coffee, before breakfast, before anything. It will kickstart your metabolism, help flush your system, and begin to rehydrate your body from the night’s fast.

Do it for 5 days and post your experience in the comments section or drop me an email.

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